Mutual Exploitation (The Rumpus)

Sans Maman (Plain China)



"Dearly Beloved, Abomination" (BOATT press)

Three poems (Hobart)

"Nights in Talladega: The Legend of Ricky Bobby as a Metaphor for Trans Time" (Yes Poetry)

"Do you feel like you were born in the wrong body?" (Anomaly FKA Drunken Boat)

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Two poems (Radius)

"Stereotype Threat" (Lambda Literary poetry spotlight)

"Atis Rezistans" (Green Linden)

"Waking Up in a Sixty Year Old Man's Bed" (Cheap Pop)

Four poems (Hobart)

Two poems (Moonsick magazine)

Six poems (Heavy Feather Review, #notmypresident series)

"Manhood" in A Shadow Map anthology, Civil Coping Mechanisms press

"What Do You Love About Haiti?" (Whimsical Project)

Three poems (Luna Luna)



How Leslie Feinberg Became the Parent I Needed Through My Transition (Catapult, forthcoming)

How Gender Transition Changes Friendships (Vice)

The Psychological Damage of the Bathroom Predator Myth (Hooligan)

God Does Not Belong to the Republican Party (Bust)

Dweller on the Threshold: On Being Trans, But Not Having Always Known (Entropy)

Reclaiming my Weirdness : On Witchcraft and Non-Binary Trans Identity (Bust)

A Different Kind of Information : HBO's Westworld and Sexual Trauma (Entropy)

When OCD Makes You Question Your Sexual Orientation (The Mighty)

How I Went From Loving to Hating Cards Against Humanity (Bust)

OCD: #WhitePeopleProblems? (Luna Luna)

Whiteness Is Not Competence (World Policy Journal)



What the World Owes Haiti

Profile of Emerante de Pradines-Morse